Theme Reveal – Ingredients Always Win!

It is almost spring, almost April, and time for another A to Z Blogging Challenge! This is the second year that Pepper Route will be participating in the challenge. As a food blog, Pepper Route’s focus this year will be on the ingredients.

It’s a basic fact that the quality of any food depends on the quality of its ingredients. Perfect and fresh ingredients naturally enhance the flavor of any dish cooked. In this A to Z series, I plan to focus on the common ingredients that are part of our day to day cooking. 

Each A to Z ingredient will have its day, along with a recipe showcasing it. And I’ve selected soups as the common thread running through the recipes, for the simple reason that they are extremely versatile and forgiving. 

Soups have been around for a long time. Probably they are one of the earliest meals cooked by humanity. Place whatever stuff you have in a pot, fill up with water, and boil and tada… you got soup! What could be easier!  🙂

Soups come in all kinds of variations… hot or cold, thick or thin, spicy or sweet, simple or complex. All kinds of sauces and condiments can be added while cooking or post-production. Barely, lentil, nettles, oxtail soups are all popular since ancient times. So are bread soup and beer soup from the middle ages. Soups made with exotic ingredients like birds’ nest, shark fin or snakes are much sought after in certain parts of the world. Anyone care for a bowl of Soup No. 5?  🙂

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients selected for this series are the most commonly used – from asparagus to zucchini. How each one works with other components to make a fulfilling dish. Sooo looking forward to the challenge. 

8 thoughts on “Theme Reveal – Ingredients Always Win!”

    1. B may not be for Beer Soup! 😉 Soups are one of my favorites too… easy to make, good to eat! Looking forward to April 30th! Haha!

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