Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Cherry Tomatoes


There is this funny story about how humans first started cooking their meat… how a barn got burned down along with the animals in it and the sad owner burned his finger when he poked a dead (and apparently perfectly…
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Green Egg Sandwich


Not exactly… I mean, the eggs are not green, but the sandwich is! A lovely green chutney is the secret behind this delicious sandwich which can be made in a jiffy. When it comes to sandwiches, I totally agree with…
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Muffins to the Rescue of Bananas


Four bananas going south… cannot eat anymore as two already downed… don’t like to waste food either… what is a girl to do? Make some banana muffins, of course! Especially when she is in need of some interesting breakfast stuff….
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Zucchini and Peppers Salad with Pasta


Remember those silly things that teenagers keep saying? Correction, that we all used to say as teenagers? ‘Life without you is like a night without a moon… like peanut butter without jelly…’ and so on. I got a new one……
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Easy Twice Baked Potatoes


Spuds, taters, tubers… whatever name you call them by, a potato is a potato is a potato. And to misquote Shakespeare, “a potato by any other name would taste as great”! (Actually, he said… “a rose by any other name…
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A Tabouli Salad with a Difference


Tabouli is one of the dishes that is a definite hit or miss with me. (Is that statement an oxymoron?) I know that tabouli is a parsley-intense dish. Though not a major fan of parsley, I am okay with it……
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The Day of the Grill


July 4th… if you grill one day in the year, this will be that day! It has become so much a part of the tradition. The weather, the food, the whole atmosphere calls for it. And that is exactly what…
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Roasted Peach Cobbler


I could smell the peaches even before I entered the market stall. This was a local farmers’ market that was held one every week, during the warm weather months. What is great about it is that most of the stuff…
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