Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup


The main focus of this soup, the key flavour that dominates, is mushrooms. Their earthy, woody flavour stands out and if you like mushrooms, you will love this soup!   That is one thing about mushrooms… you either love them…
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Red Beans and Green Pumpkin Soup


October is a time of change…   Most noticeably, the trees change. What was green till yesterday starts turning into yellows and oranges and bright reds…   Temperature goes from warm to cool…   Sweaters and scarves begin to emerge…
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Sinigang… the Tamarind Stew


What is with the onset of cold weather and comfort foods? Why don’t I crave comfort foods in the summer? And why are most comfort foods full of all those good things that we have been told over and over,…
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Onion Soup… the French Influence


The weather has turned quite chilly, all of a sudden. The mind seeks interesting books to read and warm sofas to curl up on; the tummy seeks comfort foods. I might be – no, I am – wrong in going…
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Pumpkin Soup – tasty and healthy

P1 Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin and papaya were two of the vegetables I detested most during my childhood, but once I started cooking that slowly changed. Pumpkin found its way into my culinary escapades as my husband was very fond of it and papaya…
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