A Potato Casserole for a Cold Rainy Day!


Yesterday was one of those reluctant days… when you are reluctant to step out of the house, go to work, and sit glued to the computer looking out at an ominous sky hunkering down with dark clouds and this unending…
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A Symbol of Fall… Stuffed and Baked Acorn Squash


This is a wonderful time of year for locavores. The farmers’ markets are loaded with tomatoes, green beans and Brussels sprouts… kale, fennel and leeks… carrots, parsnips and rhubarb… turnips, pumpkins and squashes… though some of them like tomatoes and…
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Baked Pasta Surprise


Do you like pasta? Do you like baked stuff? Do you like surprises? Yay! Then this is for you!   And the best thing is, you can select your own surprise, sort of customizing the dish to your personal preferences….
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Potatoes in a Spicy Pan-roasted Sauce


Today was a cloudy, clammy day. It just threatened to rain throughout the day; didn’t actually rain, which would have been better, by the way. But it didn’t rain. And the humidity hit the ceiling. Such days do have a…
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Potato Soufflé


There are certain dishes that form sets and are always prepared together. Like the traditional dishes ‘egg lace’ and ‘marbled egg’. Stuffed potato skins is also a dish that is part of a set, but the good thing is, there…
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Kerala Fish Meets Mediterranean Bulgur


We all know what we mean when we refer to the Mediterranean cuisine, though it is up to debate whether there is something called a Mediterranean cuisine at all! After all, the countries where the cuisine is supposed to be…
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Quick & Easy Chicken Curry


Chicken curry is a dish that lends itself to innumerable variations. Indeed, when you consider the fact that ‘curry’ as such is a generic term used to refer to a spiced dish with gravy, the variations can be so many….
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