Old Fashioned Coconut Macaroons


If there is any baked goodie that is easier to make than a fruit cobbler, it is a coconut macaroon. A soft slightly chewy center, with a light crisp outside… altogether yum!   Not to be confused with ‘macaron’, the…
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Quick and Easy Strawberry Cobbler


Life has been lazy, lazy these days. After all, these are the days of ‘lazy hazy crazy days of summer’, right? Unfortunately lost in the excitement of summer, is the routine of regular cooking. Actually that was the case ever…
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Pumpkin Orange Cake


October is pumpkin season. Starting with the green pumpkins which are great in soups and stews, we go on to enjoy the ripe pumpkin in pasta sauce, cheese cake, ice cream and a lot more. And the month ends with…
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Pepper Cumin Cookies… A Spicy, Sweet Treat


All traditional cuisines have prescribed ways of combining and contrasting flavours and textures in food. However, chefs these days seem to be taking more of an experimental approach in their choice of flavours… be it in food or drink. What…
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Monkey Bread with Pecans and Blueberries


Time to put away the utensils and dig in with your bare fingers! Yes, it is Monkey Bread time!   A cluster of warm, sweet, delicious pieces of bread, baked usually in a ring shape in a bundt pan… and…
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Sweet and Spicy Fruit Salad


Before long, summer will be gone, summer harvests will be gone too. No more fresh fruit from the farmers’ market. And I’m determined to make the best of the last chance foods before they are gone behind the colours of…
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A Fruit Tart… Redolent of Summer


I’m depressed… pretty much badly. Looks like the summer is gone already. It is just about the middle of August, and the mornings are already getting cooler. Everywhere you look, there are the inevitable signs… fall fashions in the shops,…
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Muffins to the Rescue of Bananas


Four bananas going south… cannot eat anymore as two already downed… don’t like to waste food either… what is a girl to do? Make some banana muffins, of course! Especially when she is in need of some interesting breakfast stuff….
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The Day of the Grill


July 4th… if you grill one day in the year, this will be that day! It has become so much a part of the tradition. The weather, the food, the whole atmosphere calls for it. And that is exactly what…
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